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Aktiv Events AS is situated in Harstad, northern Norway.

68´north is destination Harstad. North of the arctic circle.

35 minutes from Harstad/ Evenes/ Narvik airport and only hours away from airports like Oslo, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Copenhagen etc.

Svolvær in Lofoten, Tromsø, Narvik. Polar Park in Bardu is all well known places to visit and all less then 4 hours away by car from us. On request we do guided tours and combinations with our experiences and products.

In Harstad we have 4 locations/ arenas with good facilities for your stay here. Northern Lights experiences, spectacular views, fun activities and team building activities. Well prepared to have 1-2 persons, small groups to bigger groups.

The founder is Pekka Johnsen, 50 years old. And with his background from doing skydiving and other extreme sports and adventures he lives for giving the customers the best experiences when joining our tours and products.

The safety for our customers in every tour is the highest priority. And we promise to do our best to get the best experience for you, regarding transfer, guides, food, drinks and the activities.

Visit Harstad in the north, in to the arctic for some nice experiences there.

Hope to see you soon and prepare to be amazed.

Best regards from

Pekka Johnsen, CEO/ Adventurer

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