Caving in the Troll church

NOK 1300

Caving in the Troll church

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NOK 1300

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All year Icy conditions from December - April In this time span, ice gear is necessary


Come join us for an exciting and spectacular caving experience to the Troll church at Evenes.

The first stretch is a 20 minute drive from Harstad to the parking lot where our hike begins. After hiking for 20 minutes we reach the entrance of the cave.

Here all our guests receive the necessary safety equipment and instructions before we start rappelling down and into the cave. This will be done safely and in several phases. On your way down you will hear stories about the cave’s history.

Suddenly you will find yourself in the church hall/ sacristy. This room inside the mountain is 15 meters from floor to roof and can house 100 people. Here we make troll coffee and tea based on the spring water from a natural source inside the mountain. We will eat the snacks we brought with us, and then turn off our lights to experience the total darkness. Our guide will tell stories of what has been found in this cave like remains of a bears and fish and of people who were here during the ice age. Our guests will then have a chance to try the tunnels that lead from the church hall further into the depth of the mountain.

We follow a river to find our way out towards the Troll waterfall. Here we see a spectacular sight as the light guides ut toward the opening in the mountain. If we make it out our guests will receive a Troll church certificate as proof of this brave adventure.

Duration: 4-5 hours.

Level of difficulty: Medium to hard, call or email for info.

Included: guide,all gear, helmets, headlights etc. Troll coffee or hot drinks inside the cave, TrollChurch certificate.

Number of participants: 2-20 (contact us for groups bigger than 20p.).


Prices from:

1700,- pr. p. Minimum price 3400, (for 2 persons).

1500,- pr. p. for groups with 3-10 p.

1300,- pr. p. for groups from 11-20 p.

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