Cross Country Skiing Package

NOK 270

Cross Country Skiing Package

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NOK 270

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All winter


If you want to go for your selves into the winter wonderland, we can provide skiis for you. You choose if you want to pick them up at Aktiv Events or if we will bring them to you at the hotel. The package includes ski, poles and shoes. Our skiis have skins underneath so you will get traction.

In addition to the number of skiis we need your height, weight and shoes size. This is so that we can give you the equipment that are best suited to your needs. We have to sets of prices. One where you pick up the skiis at our location. Second we bring them to your hotel.


Prices from:

Skis, poles and shoes (pickup at Aktiv Events):

      Days:           1           2           3           4          5          6-7

Per Adult:        270        500       700       880      1040     1220

Per Child:        135        250       350       440       520       610

Skis, poles and shoes (Delivery at your hotel):

     Days:           1           2           3           4           5          6-7

per Adult:        300        550       780       990      1190     1400

per Child:        150     275       390       495       595       700

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