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You Only Live Once! This experience is a great way of checking off your Bucket list. We customize the experience to your needs utilizing our gear. See the detailed info for an example of a YOLO - experience!

Do you have something that you always have wanted to do? Something outside your comfort zone? Something that is on your bucket list? You Only Live Once and we can provide fun and adrenaline filled experiences! If we can't do it, we know people that can!

We tailor the experience after your wishes so that you can check of things on your bucket list! An example of such an experience can be:

1. Caving in the Troll Church

The Troll Church is a large hall in a 6 km long cave system. We know the shortcuts and will guide you safely in and out of the cave. All equipment is included. We also bring food and drinks!

2. Paragliding

When we are done in the Troll Church we will go to one of the tops surrounding Harstad. Here you can soar into the air and experience a fantastic view of the fjords and the mountains!

3. Waterfun

If you still feel like it, we bring you into the wet element. There you can waterski, fish or try our water scooter!

Join us for your YOLO-experience!


Contact us for information about price and customization of your once in a lifetime experience at booking@aktivevents.no

Looking forward to hear from you!

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